MacGregor Specialties

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My engineering experience began with Paul F. Tommell Associates in Saratoga Springs, New York, in January 2004. I served there as a survey technician for survey and engineering jobs around the eastern part of the state. Holding a metal telescoping survey rod in the coldest of the winter months of the northeastern climate pushed me to pursue some interest in working in the office. It was about 4 to 5 months before I started working learning my first steps in AutoCAD doing Plat maps. Then, they interested me shortly thereafter in seeing what I could do with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) I earned from Paul Smiths College. I had a few years of college experience with GIS at this point, but that was the extent of my "professional" experience with GIS. Over the next several months, until I decided to move to Colorado, I solely built their GIS infrastructure from the ground up. I implemented base maps they could work with for assessment of properties including FEMA Floodplain, roads, highways, satellite imagery, and several other datasets that I could think of in order to give them a good base to work from. My nickname was "Mr. Wizard" with GIS at Paul F. Tommell Associates.

Then I moved to Colorado and have served in several contract positions, greatly improving my skills with AutoCAD as a Drafter, and also, GIS as a Specialist. I have done work in the following fields and each field is broken down into some specifics, though this is not a comprehensive list of my skills associated with AutoCAD and GIS:

I am always interested in honing my GIS and CAD skills and would be interested in talking with you how I can do that if you have an opportunity for me to do so. Thank you for your interest in my engineering experience and please don't hesitate to contact me regarding my skills in these areas.

Geographic Information Systems Experience

Environmental Engineering:
- Database management and integration with AutoCAD data
- Map creation for engineers for presentations
- Input, management and presentation of soil and groundwater chemistry data
- Wildlife maps
- Wetland delineation and mapping

Civil Engineering:
- Overlay and integration with CAD data (included data of landscape architect)
- Integration of data between CAD and GIS
- Survey-related maps including wetland maps (included field work of wetland delineation), FEMA floodplain maps
- Satellite imagery (also known as orthoimagery) maps for a variety of purposes having a variety of information contained

Nuclear Engineering:
- Mapping of pipelines of several nuclear power plants around the country including management and input of a wide range of data in the attribute tables of the datasets
- Map creation for company and public presentations by engineers and project management, planning, and project bidding tasks

- FEMA emergency management maps for presentation to the public via hosting on websites as they pertained to national disasters and management of those national disasters

AutoCAD Experience

Civil Engineering:
- As-Built Surveys
- Legal Descriptions
- Point locations and Boundary Survey maps
- Survey maps including Plat maps, planimetric maps, contour maps, boundary surveys, Phase I maps, Phase II maps
- Topgraphic maps

Environmental Engineering:
- Processing of field data into CAD and management of the data from field instruments