MacGregor Specialties, LLC

Why do you believe what you believe? — Jason MacGregor


MacGregor Specialties was founded in 2002, by Jason MacGregor, starting with an interest in photography and a digital SLR. I took the summer getting know the ins and outs of photography exploring scene orientation, creative visualization, wildlife photography, instinctive and reactive capture of photographic moments, and which included carrying my camera EVERYWHERE. Since then, this has developed into photography assignments for weddings, freelance work, wildlife and nature work, and other events.

Since 2002, I have developed some of the following area of employment and ceased employment in other areas:

  1. Photography (candid, nature, weddings and events)
  2. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist in various engineering fields (civil, nuclear, and environmental)
  3. AutoCAD Drafter in the same engineering fields as GIS
  4. Emergency 911 mapping (E911 mapping and databasing)
  5. Field surveying (technician) / Instrument Operator
  6. Environmental report writing, testing, processing and inspections for Phase I and Phase II EIA's
  7. Consulting and on-site home computer repair and setup of home networks for personal and home business use
  8. Firearms Training
  9. Private investigations and process serving (ceased 2007)

I have also branched out to Self Defense instruction with a focus on firearms instruction, as well as branching out into Engineering work being 2 of my 3 main focuses of my business.

Thank you for your interest and please feel to contact me if I can provide you with any of my services.

Have fun, be safe, and enjoy.
~Jason MacGregor